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SineRun Help


SineRun is an endless runner math game that is designed to help you practice skills in Calculus.

The information below provides help for the game. For general help on derivatives, click here.


Your vehicle drives automatically. Jump to avoid obstacles and collect power ups. Bombers and fire decrease your speed while gas cans increase your speed. The game ends when time runs out.

Question Panel:

At set intervales, you are asked to solve a problem. You can build your answer by tapping the expression buttons to add terms.

Operators can be changed by tapping on them. They start as a plus sign and can be changed to a minus symbol or plus sign.

Tapping the trigonometric function opens a drop down menu that allows you to pick from a list of trigonometric functions.

To edit, tap the coefficient you want to change. Drag up and down to modify the value of the coefficient. Tap anywhere else on the screen to stop editing the value. Terms can be deleted by tapping the red “X”.