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Physics Escape is a physics game that is designed to help you learn about springs, inclined planes, tension and more!.

The information below provides help for the game. For general help on a variety of physics topics, click here.

Video Preview:

Below is a video clip showing PhysicsEscape gameplay.



Your drone has barely survived a bombing attack and is trapped underground. Due to damage from the attack, the drone can only fly up short distances. You need to help the drone escape by moving from platform to platform. Fly as high as you can before the time runs out.

Move left and right using the joystick and tap the Jump button to jump.

There are many objects in the environment that you can interact with. Each of these objects will present you with a physics problem to solving. Solving the problem correctly results in a temporary repair to your drone that will allow you to fly much higher than normal.

Avoid falling debris! Getting hit by debris will cost your drone a life.

There are two types of physics problems. One requires you to draw the free-body diagram for a system. Draw the force arrows using your finger starting at the object’s center of mass.

The second problem type requires you to calculate a numeric answer. Enter your answer by typing on the answer box and then using the numeric pad that pops up. Choose the correct units from the drop-down menu.