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MathSweeper is a math game based on the classic game Microsoft MineSweeper that is designed to help you practice skills in Calculus.

The information below provides help for the game. For general help on derivatives, click here. For general help on integrals, click here.

Video Preview:

Below is a video preview showing MathSweeper gameplay where players have to solve derivative and integral problems.


To begin, you are presented with a game board that is a grid of squares. Each square may or may not be hiding an IED. Your task is to mark all the IEDs without setting any off.

Start by tapping a square to investigate. Hopefully, you will not uncover an IED and you will be presented with a calculus problem. If you solve this problem correctly, you will be rewarded as a square value will be revealed on the game board. This square value indicates how many of the adjacent squares are hiding IEDs. If you answer incorrectly, you will reveal an “X” and receive no information.

Continue tapping squares and solving problems and then use your problem solving skills to determine which squares must contain IEDs. You can mark these IEDs by pressing and holding on the square for a few seconds. The square will be marked so that you cannot inadvertently click on it and disturb the IED. If you change your mind, you can unmark the square by pressing and holding again.


Bomb Suit: A bomb suit will protect you in case you accidentally set off an IED. You start with one bomb suit and with each problem you answer correctly you have a chance to receive another.

Bomb Suit PowerUp

Wire Cutter PowerUp

Wire Cutters: Wire cutters can be used to skip a problem and receive the square information without attempting to solve it. You start with one set of wire cutters and with each problem you answer correctly you have a chance to receive another.

Game Over:

The game ends when you either uncover all squares that are not hiding IEDs or uncover an IED without a bomb suit to protect you.

Game over

Question Panel:

After tapping a square, you are asked to solve a problem. You can build your answer by tapping the expression buttons to add terms.

If you don’t want to solve the problem and have a set of wire cutters, you can use them to skip the question.

To edit, tap the coefficient you want to change. Use the number pad to modify the value of the coefficient. Tap anywhere else on the screen to stop editing the value. Terms can be deleted by tapping the red trash can.

Operators can be changed by tapping on them. They start as a plus sign and can be changed to a minus symbol or plus sign.

In some cases, the coefficient should be a fraction. In order to change the whole number to a fraction, tap and hold on the coefficient. Then, you can modify the numerator and denominator independently. To change back to a whole number, tap and hold on either the numerator or denominator.